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Ghost Kitchens

The four new delivery restaurants offer variety and quality, food that you want to eat that can be delivered directly to your door.

Home delivery is hip as never before and we have launched a new service this winter where guests can order food simply and conveniently via the INSIDE LAAX app.

Bringing the restaurant to you, rather than you to the restaurant. A modern solution offering you security and convenience.

Chicks only

Die Hühnerei

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? What was ordered first, let’s say from the chickens egg. Start with a Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken (tip: covered with our self-fermented Frickin‘ Hot Sauce), the popular Coq au Vin or the crisp Chimichanga. The Egg Gang, as we call ourselves, is constantly scouted new, refreshing drinks: try a Maracuja Hard Seltzer, a KOA Shot or the beer „Deeper“ brewed with artificial intelligence. P.S.: a bottle of dry Riesling goes perfectly with Fried Chicken.


Burger, Baby!

Awesome gourmet burgers made from local products: Besides the juicy hamburger with our Rockabilly sauce we bring you the Spicy Peru Burger with Aji Amarillo sauce, the vegan Beyond Burger or our Buffalo Burger with Buffalo mozzarella from Ftan (GR). With our burgers we prefer to drink Cola, a nice IPA or a Kombucha – Cheers!

Authentic Alpine Cuisine


Genuine alpine cuisine! Our „Dorf beiz“ offers traditional, warming dishes from Graubünden and other Alpine regions. These include homemade pizokels – possibly the best far and wide – Capunet, Pizzoccheri and the classic Capuns! If you feel like meat, enjoy braised beef „bäggli“ with a „Härdöpfelstock“. The regional specialities are rounded off with an excellent selection of wines from the Bündner Herrschaft, Ticino and South Tyrol. Viva!


Pizza and wine

Da Giovanni

Giovanni’s pizzas are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Thanks to long maturing (36 hours) the dough becomes more tasty. Our favourites are the „bufala“ with buffalo mozzarella and datterini tomatoes and the „bianca“ with gorgonzola, figs, nuts and some rocket. Giovanni is also a great wine lover. He is happy to serve his Amici a fine wine from bella Italia! Buon appetito!  

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