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Greenstyle at the rocksresort

At rocksresort, the focus is on the conscious use of resources and the environment. The balancing act between using and protecting our environment is a major concern for us and we would like to share our visions with employees, guests, partners and all interested parties.

Proud member

Responsible Hotels of Switzerland

The Responsible Hotels of Switzerland are Switzerland’s most sustainable hotels and the rocksresort Design Hotel is one of them.

Our guests are just as demanding as we are – while fully aware of their responsibilities, they want to enjoy a refreshing travel experience with no compromises. We aim to offer a solution for guests who expect high standards of responsible travel.

The energy needs and ecological footprint of the rocksresort have already been reduced through extensive measures in various areas. However, the potential is still great. It is important to continue using and expanding this potential in various areas:


Any amount of energy not used is still the most environmentally friendly and cheapest energy!

Our climate protection commitment:

„We want to be CO2-neutral by 2030, using no more fossil fuels. The entire energy supply should be 100% renewable and regionally secured.“

This is the climate protection promise of the Weisse Arena Gruppe.

100% renewable is 100% feasible. The following six-point plan will help us on our way to the energy transition.

Our guidelines for the energy transition

  • Minergie standard
    The rocksresort buildings are built according to the Minergie standard and are equipped with a monitored air circulation system.
  • LED lighting
    Today, 99% of the old lighting has already been converted to LED. In 2018, for example, all the lighting in the rocksresort underground car park was converted to efficient and semi-autonomous LED lights, saving around 90% energy. This is equivalent to the energy needs of about 75 households of a family of 4.
  • Continuous system optimisation
    Since the construction of the first buildings, the technical installations have been continuously made more efficient or optimised. Among other things, a low-temperature network was added, which recovers waste heat, e.g. from the engine room of the gondola in Laax and its ventilation systems.

We reduce CO2 emissions by using low-carbon energy sources and regional, climate-friendly building materials.

  • Local, durable building materials such as stone and wood
    Minimal distance, maximum quality: The facade of the rocksresort buildings is made of regional Valser stone. The indoor materials consist largely of solid oak wood and Valser stone. In the interior design, great importance was attached to durability and timelessness.
  • Heat generation according to demand
    The rocksresort hotel is mainly heated with wood pellets. In the intermediate and summer seasons, the hotel is sometimes also heated with an oil heating system. This can be switched on and off more quickly and also serves as a back-up in case of complications with the pellet heating system. A more efficient and 100% fossil oil-free heat supply will be realised in the near future. System highlight: the rocksresort has a low-temperature network with feedback from ventilation systems and other heat sources (see „Maximum energy efficiency, system optimisation“).

The sun provides much more energy than humanity consumes. Solar power is therefore also considered the key technology of the energy transition – also in Laax.

  • Photovoltaic systems
    New houses will be equipped with photovoltaic systems according to the law. Older rocksresort houses will be upgraded with PV systems in 2024.

Climate-friendly electricity

Since 2010, the entire electricity supply has been covered by 100% with renewable energy.

Renewable energy does not always flow when it is needed. That’s why it must be possible to store electricity. For example, for the night or as a winter electricity reserve. There are already numerous innovative ways to store energy efficiently, and more are being added continuously.

  • Storage lakes
    One way to store energy is through storage lakes. Our current project is the multifunctional storage lake in Nagens, which is still in the development phase.

These are our environmentally friendly means of transport:

  • E-Shuttles
    Electric vehicles from Polestar for our delivery service as well as guest transport (LAAX E-Shuttle: the climate-friendly call taxi, bookable via the INSIDE LAAX app).
  • E-bikes
    Stylish e-bikes from TREK for our guests.
  • Sponti-Car
    Our car-sharing model. This provides a climate-friendly car-sharing service. Bookable via the app „Sponti-Car“.
    E-parking facilities
    30 e-charging stations are available to our guests in the parking garages.
  • SBB Luggage Service
    For a pleasant and attractive use of public transport, SBB will transport your luggage from your front door to us at the rocksresort (SBB luggage special).


Water is a source of life as well as a limited natural resource. We must learn to use it sparingly and avoid pollution.

How we save Water

Water is replaced by a dry substance that has a purifying effect. In addition, approx. 350 g of CO2 are saved per cubic metre of water.

The resort’s waste water is treated at the Sagogn waste water treatment plant before being recirculated back into nature.

Free drinking water is available to guests in numerous catering establishments and allows them to enjoy fresh, regional mountain water and avoid PET bottles.

In winter, environmentally friendly salt and de-icing agents are used to secure slippery areas.


We produce waste every day. Our goal is to produce as little of it as possible and recycle as much as possible (circular economy) by living a conscious waste separation, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Waste separation & recycling

  • Recycling concept
    By using a comprehensive recycling concept (separation of PET, paper, glass, plastic, etc.), we enable conscious waste recycling for everyone. The concept is implemented across all instances, including our guests. We provide recycling bags in each flat, in which our guests should collect their waste separately and dispose of it accordingly in our container room at the end of their stay.

We try to avoid one-way dishware wherever possible. For take-away options, we work together closely with our partners reCIRCLE and Cup-Systems.

The Clean Up Day is held every year on the mountain. An action for everyone who wants to do something good for nature.

Learn more about the Greenstyle action here.

Food & Beverage / Non Food

Our gastronomies set great value on high quality products. We aim to use regional products wherever possible without questioning the authenticity of dishes.

Nevertheless, we consider an exclusively made Italian wine from Sardinia or a traditional burrata from Puglia to be an important part of our e.g. Italian Ristorante Camino. That is why we rely on long-term partnerships with our suppliers and, thanks to efficient planning, keep transport routes short and emissions correspondingly low.

Measures Food & Beverage / Non Food

On request we fill your fridge in your rocksresort flat. There are three sizes to choose from with different products. But they all have one thing in common – the fillings consist exclusively of local and seasonal products.

When using products such as meat/fish, coffee, tea, etc., strict purchasing guidelines must be followed. We strictly adhere to those of „ibex fairstay“ and also go a step further with some products:

  • Coffee
    Organic & Fairtrade Coffee Blend – Gourmet Roastery RAST
  • Tea
    Home-grown tea (see below „rocksresort tea“ and organic Sirocco tea selection)
  • Meat
    100% Swiss meat, local whenever possible, organic label on sausages
  • Fish
    100% MSC fish, local fish/fish farms whenever possible
  • Bakery Products
    LAAX bakery as main supplier of bread products
  • General
    Preferred purchase from local food producers and consideration of the trade
    Preference for the use of seasonal and local products

On the roof of rocksresort building I, native herbs are planted in spring together with non-invasive medicinal plants in collaboration with the botanist Lenn Verjans from Flims and tended over the summer. The herbs are harvested before the winter season. The result is a soothing recreational and refreshing drink made from local herbs that will be available at the rocksresort as well as in other cafés.

Between houses I, J and K there are raised beds with various herbs for our guests. With their equipment, the flats invite many of our guests to cook for themselves during their holidays. If you would like to refine your dishes with fresh herbs, you are welcome to help yourself in our herb garden free of charge.

Food waste is analysed in the restaurants using special cameras and the recording software This helps the chefs to optimise portioning and product types and thus minimise food waste.

All cleaning is carried out using environmentally friendly cleaning agents and thus avoiding the use of artificially produced chemicals and substances as much as possible.

Quality service also includes quality clothing, and in the most environmentally friendly form possible. Our workwear is certified. 100% First Layer garments are Bluesign certified. Cotton is 100% organic where available.


We want to create space for biodiversity in settlement areas. For this we take various measures, such as our own „rockstea“, which is planted on the roofs of the rocksresort and thus offers insects and pollinators an additional home and nourishment.

Measures Biodiversity

By following various guidelines according to the Nature & Environment Foundation, we enable a hotel area that is close to nature.

With the wild bee paradise (natural meadow/wildflower meadow incl. bee hotel) we create an ecosystem for regional bees and support biodiversity.

The planted roofs not only bring colour to the resort area, but also create space for various creatures and reduce CO2 emissions.

Well protected from wildlife, not only leaves and flowers for our new rockstea grow and flourish during the summer thanks to ideal conditions, a habitat for insects and pollinators has also been created.

The plants and flowers are regularly harvested during the summer, then dried and skillfully and lovingly handcrafted into a fine and unique tea blend of 21 herbs.

Planned Projects

As already mentioned at the beginning, we have already implemented and achieved many things, but the potential is far from fully exploited. We want to continue to use this potential and are therefore constantly planning further measures:

  • Equip all flat roofs of the rocksresort with photovoltaic systems and plant them extensively with greenery.
  • Bird protection measures
  • Electric vehicles for replacement or new purchases
  • Replace electrical appliances with energy class A appliances when replacing or acquiring new ones.
  • Increase the proportion of food from local producers and organic cultivation
  • Combat invasive neophytes by replacing them with native woody plants and perennials
  • New lighting concept to prevent light pollution
  • Multifunctional storage lake in Nagens for energy storage

Greenstyle Book

How to run a sustainable alpine destination

The Greenstyle Book „how to run a sustainable alpine destination“ is here! The idea of a sustainable destination is reflected on over 250 pages. Projects, ideas and many implementations that have been realised or are planned for the future within the Weisse Arena Group and the destination Flims Laax Falera are illustrated in it. The book includes chapters on energy, water, zero waste, consumption and biodiversity.

Take a look at the book online and be inspired. If you would like to buy the book, you can buy it at the information office in Laax and at the ticket offices in Flims and Falera. A book costs CHF 20, whereby all proceeds will be donated to the Greenstyle Foundation.

Greenstyle Book

Environmental Frank

Our „environmental franc“ model enables us as well as our guests to make a valuable contribution to the preservation of our unique nature.

Every guest can voluntarily donate CHF 1 per guest, per overnight stay when making a booking. This donation, together with additional investments by the rocksresort, flows into our „Greenstyle Fund“, from which the resort and the Greenstyle Foundation equally (50:50) finance and support internal and sustainable projects in the region.

Greenstyle Foundation

The Greenstyle Foundation is a non-profit organisation – a cooperation of the Weissen Arena Gruppe and committed people and enterprises of the holiday destination Flims Laax Falera. It is dedicated to the preservation and protection of our environment.

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Swisstainable – Switzerland Tourism

Swisstainable forms the basis for developing and implementing a sustainability strategy for Switzerland as a tourist destination.

Switzerland Tourism’s sustainability programme is open to all businesses and organisations in Swiss tourism. Switzerland Tourism will strengthen its open attitude towards sustainable tourism in the future and also communicate it to its guests. To this end, with the new sustainability strategy Swisstainable, they would like to start an effective move together with the entire Swiss tourism industry with the vision of becoming the most sustainable destination in the world.

Due to the abundance of implementations, the rocksresort has been awarded the highest level III.

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ibex fairstay

With the support of our partner ibex fairstay, potentials at different levels are regularly analysed and examined together with the employees. Potential for improvement is recorded and implemented with the help of short- and medium-term action plans.

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World's Best Green Ski Hotel 2023

World Travel Award for Sustainability

World's Best Green Ski Hotel 2022

World Travel Award for Sustainability

World's Best Green Ski Hotel 2021

World Travel Award for sustainability

World's Best Green Ski Hotel 2018

World Travel Award for Sustainability

World's Best Green Ski Hotel 2017

World Travel Award for Sustainability

For the first time, selected hotels were also available for the "World's Best Green Ski Hotel". The inclusion of this category underlines the increasing relevance of sustainability in the tourism industry. The rocksresort in LAAX, which takes a responsible approach to its resources and the environment and acts in accordance with Minergie standards, took first place in this category. The award is a jury and audience award at the same time and is one of the World Travel Awards that are regarded as "Oscars of the travel industry". We are delighted to receive this award and are proud to be part of such an innovative and dedicated ski resort.

Video: Greenstyle Update 2019