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Here you are spoilt for choice: discover the variety of culinary offerings at rocksresort – from regional specialities or pan-Asiatic creations to excellent gourmet cuisine.

Benefit as a hotel guest

Lunch can be enjoyed exclusively at either Ristorante Camino or Nooba and you are able to choose from a set menu for CHF25 per person or à la Carte.

Dinner can be taken in either Nooba, Camino, Grandis and at weekends Casa Veglia with both set menu and a là Carte options. The choice is yours.

Ghost Kitchens

Virtual but real: Four new restaurants in rocksresort

The four new delivery restaurants offer variety and quality, food that you want to eat that can be delivered directly to your door. Bringing the restaurant to you, rather than you to the restaurant. A modern solution offering you security and convenience.

Ristorante Camino

Italian and mediterranean cuisine

Italian and mediterranean cuisine with creative variations of Pasta and Risotto, meat and fish dishes and traditional Pizza made in the wood oven. Takeaway currently available via the INSIDE LAAX app or by telephone: 16.04 -17.04.21 from 5.30 to 8.30 pm; 23.04 - 08.05.21 daily from 5.30 to 9.00 pm; Restaurant for hotel guests daily 23.04 - 08.05.21 from 6.00 to 9.00 pm.


Original italian mediterranean cuisine

With an open fireplace and a modern look, you can enjoy creative pasta and risotto variations, meat and fish dishes as well as traditional pizza from the wood stove and grilled specialities. Take away as well as for hotel guests available daily from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

+41 819360036 Reservation


Asian specialities

A unique selection of pan-Asian dishes that invite you on a culinary journey from Thailand to Vietnam and Japan. Takeaway currently available via the INSIDE LAAX app or by telephone: 17.04.-18.04.21 and 24.04.-09-05.21 from 5.30 to 8.30 pm; for hotel guests from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm/ 6 to 9 pm

+41 819279988 Reservation


The cozy Mulania is the culinary highlight of Laax

The cuisine is both traditional and exquisite - how could it be any different, as Sacha Meyer is on the stove in the Mulania, pampering his guests with 16 Gault-Millau points.

+41 819279191 Reservation


The Cafedeli

Healthy, cozy and convenient - these three words describe the Piazza - cafedeli probably best. Takeaway currently available Mon-Sun, 8.30-17.00.

Casa Veglia

The restaurant creates new stories

The Casa Veglia Schmugg Stuba revives the old times. Curious? Then come by!


Life is better with a good burger

A large selection of homemade burgers - from classic burgers to burger specials - directly at the rocksresort. Take away available via the INSIDE LAAX app.

Riders Restaurant

Vegetarian, seasonal, regional and organic products

The food is served at long tables where everyone sits together, eats, drinks, talks and hopefully laughs a lot. External guests are also very welcome. Takeaway currently available via the INSIDE LAAX app.

+41 797102075 Reservation

Eat well out

Other restaurants


Fresh & modern

Everyday. From early to late. Ella is loveable, uncomplicated, cheeky, modern, stylish, environmentally conscious, communicative and run with passion. Situated at the Stenna Centre in Flims. Takeaway or delivery currently available via the INSIDE LAAX app or by telephone.

+41 819277700 Reservierung

Restaurants in the area

Enjoy diversity outside the home

Laax is not only known for its beautiful nature and sports facilities. No, Laax also has a lot to offer in culinary terms. Here you will find a selection of restaurants in the valley.

Urban bars in a natural environment

Bars at the rocksresort

The trendy bars in the rocksresort have something to offer for all tastes. Each location has its very own style in terms of ambience and sound, but they all share the same high standards of design and quality.

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